writing2As a literary agent, you have to read mountains of manuscripts every day–most of which need a lot of help, and many of which are a waste of your time because they are not commercially marketable.

Many agents have one or more initial readers who help sift through the stack and separate the manuscripts with potential from those without a chance. But if you don’t have a reader, or you need more readers, where do you go to find good ones?

We can help!

After you’ve gone through the initial “weeding” process, how many times have you thought, This author has promise but really needs a good editor? You probably know a few good freelance editors. But as an agent, you can’t play favorites by recommending just one or two.

We can help there too!

We have a database of professional freelancers who specialize in:

initial readings and overall critiques
fact checking
proofreading (using the industry-standard rules for punctuation, usage, grammar, and spelling)
ghostwriting, rewriting, coauthoring, and collaborating
All of our editorial freelancers have passed an extensive screening process to ensure that the editors we refer to you are professionals in the field of publishing as well as Christians who understand the Bible and basic scriptural principles.

With Manuscripts You Accept

You want all of your authors to polish their manuscripts so they have the best advantage in today’s highly competitive publishing world. But how do you find the right editors for the job?

Just fill out our Search Request Form. We will match the details of your specific needs with our database of screened professional editors and find those who offer exactly what you’re looking for. We will forward your request to these specially selected editors, and those who are interested and available will contact you. You may check out these editors’ Web sites, correspond with one or more of them, even request a sample edit and/or references if you like. Then choose the one (or more) who seems right for you. All at no cost to you!

There is no obligation for you to use any of the editors who are referred to you. As a matter of fact, if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for through this search, you may contact us and we will expand the search.

Our goal is to be a “one-stop shopping service” for all your freelance editorial needs.

With Manuscripts You Reject

Sometimes an author has a good idea but the manuscript isn’t up to today’s high standards. You don’t have the time to provide direction to every author whose work you turn down. But you don’t want to simply send a form letter that offers no guidance at all. Well, how about including a paragraph like this in your standard rejection letter?

This manuscript shows promise but needs some work. You may wish to hire a professional freelance editor to look this over and offer suggestions for improvement. We recommend you check out the Christian Editor Network ( They have a database of skilled editorial freelancers and can match you up with an editor who can help you polish your manuscript so it can better compete in today’s highly competitive market.

For some authors, you may wish to offer to take another look at the manuscripts after they have had a professional edit.

If you decide to include this paragraph, or something similar, in your letters to authors, please do us the favor of letting us know. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. 

Please complete our AGENTS Seeking Editors form to get started.