What are the average rates for editorial freelancing?

moneyThe following rates have been compiled from various sources, including the Editorial Freelancers Association, the National Writers Union, and Writers Market. (Note: This chart was compiled in 2010.)

WritersMarket.com has a report with more categories listed, as well as an extensive list of organizations for freelancers that may have further and more up-to-date information on this subject.

The Editorial Freelancers Association web page of average rates can be found here.

Editorial Service Average Rate Range Mid Range
Proofreading (3-10 pages per hour) $12-$40/hour $20-$35/hour
Manuscript evaluation/critique $15-$35/hour
Substantive edit (1-5 pages/hour) $25-$60/hour $32-$50/hour
Content edit (scholarly) $14-$32/hour
Content edit (textbook) $14-$65/hour
Content edit (trade) $30-$100/hour
Book proposal consultation $20-$75/hour
Basic copyedit (3-10 pages/hour) $17-$50/hour $25-$35/hour
Technical/scientific/reference copyedit $35-$65/hour
Rewriting $18-$50/hour
     No research required $25-$75/hour Project rate: $5K-$25K
     Research required $35-$75/hour Project rate: $7.5K-$30K
      Commercial publisher (shared byline) 50% of advance and royalties
      Commercial publisher (no byline) $5,000-$50,000 $15,000-$25,000
      For self-published books $25-$85/hour (plus expenses)
(typically $15,000-$25,000 per project)