Waiting for Dreams to Come True

guideposts-oct2013The October issue of Guideposts magazine (pictured here) includes an article that I helped a dear friend write. I’m so excited! Because the story is ghostwritten, my name is not on it, but I could care less. Not only did I love helping Lindy and her husband, Jim get their miraculous story out there, but writing for Guideposts has been a goal of mine for as long as I have been attending writers conferences. I have come close to acceptance in the past and watched many friends accomplish my desire, and it finally happened.

As I thought about how long I have been writing, how many times it felt like certain writing dreams would never come true, and how many goals are yet to be accomplished, I found myself thanking God for His timing. The first story that I submitted to Guideposts and came so close to receiving a yes on was good, but it wasn’t nearly as powerful as the one I recently received sample copies of. In those years in between, my writing has grown and so have I. The acceptance came when I desperately needed a reminder that God had good things in store for me. It took weeks for me to recognize how sweet it was of Him to send this reminder through something I have wanted for so long.

Now I am waiting for other writing dreams to come true. It looks like one is a step closer to becoming a reality, but while I wait I will use the Guideposts story as motivation to trust my Father’s timing, knowing He knows exactly when we are ready for a moment of success.

What dreams are you still waiting to see come true? How is God building your patience?