The Productive Writer, by Sage Cohen

“The good news is that anything is possible in the realm of productivity if you are clear about the path or goal you are choosing, and committed to discovering and doing what it takes to get you there.”

Sage Cohen says that productivity is a lifestyle choice and by the time you finish this book she will cover every aspect of what that lifestyle can look like for a writer, or any other entrepreneur with some adjustments to their particular business. This is a particularly good reminder as we begin to set goals for a new year of writing.

As a workshop teacher I am familiar with the need to have a vision, set goals and schedule time into a livable life. Still every year I either re-read a classic, or a new book, on time management to set-up the new commitments, always looking for some fresh inspiration or ways to fix what didn’t work over the previous year.

Cohen takes time organization basics and develops them into custom design for each reader. Her unique perspective opens up a plethora of choices and possibilities whether for your master plan or daily to-do-list. This past year my calendar and filing system have run amuck. With reluctance I’ve been readying myself to tackle it. Now I’m actually anxious to carve out extra time to re-systemize beyond surface maintenance. Some of Cohen’s ideas I’m going to implement and some I’m going to adapt.

Her suggestions stem from the concept of “Putting the “You” in Productivity.” The perspective is to build from our specific talents towards our unique future. We consult with others without copying their way for our own. Learn, borrow, share then develop our own blueprints.

“A writing life that grows out of who you authentically are is going to be the most grounded and sustainable path to success.”

We can choose which direction we’re heading in, what we need to develop to get there, and how to orchestrate our relationship with time, Cohen points out, even if many other areas of the writing life are not under our control. Yet if we develop a lifestyle that enables us to become productive, then we enrich our writing and our lives.

It’s a great perspective to begin a new writing or business season with.

“by a CEN member”

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