The Christian Editor Connection can connect you with an established, experienced, professional Christian editor who will provide you with an overall critique of your proposal, sample chapters, or complete manuscript. You’ll get your critique within thirty days. And we have set prices, so you know exactly what you’re paying up front.

critiqueHere’s what’s included in each type of critique:

Your proposal critique will include:

  • feedback on the commercial marketability of the concept
  • input on the overall tone of the proposal
  • ideas for what to add and what to take out or shorten
  • an analysis of whether this book would be better suited for independent publishing rather than commercial publication, and why
  • suggestions for helping you determine the right publishers/agents to submit your proposal to

A professional proposal critique will greatly enhance your chances of acceptance by a commercial publisher.

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Your chapter critique will include:

  • constructive feedback on your overall writing style
  • personalized suggestions on how to improve your writing in general and these chapters in particular
  • recommendations for how to learn writing techniques you may not have mastered
  • suggestions for building on your sample chapters throughout the manuscript

A professional chapter critique will give you practical ideas on how to write or revise your entire manuscript.

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Your manuscript critique will include:

  • suggestions on how to make the beginning more powerful, the middle more attention-keeping, and the end more reader-satisfying
  • personalized recommendations on where to expand the writing, where to tighten it, and how to do both
  • an analysis of the various publishing options for this book: agent, small commercial publishing house, independent publishing (print and/or electronic)
  • tips for what steps you can take next and specific details on how to pursue those steps

A professional manuscript critique will help make your book the best it can be, no matter which publishing option you choose.

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To get the most out of your critique, check our Valuable Resources page for tips on preparing a book proposal, information on how to format a manuscript, recommendations of books on writing, websites with writing tips, and more helpful hints.

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Looking for more than just an overall critique?

Sometimes it can be beneficial to get an overall critique along with a substantive content edit, line-by-line copyedit, and/or proofread. If that sounds good to you, fill out the form for Authors Seeking Editors.